Why did we choose Daheng Imaging?

MERCURY2 Series of Industrial Cameras

Why did we choose Daheng Imaging?

Daheng Imaging fits our mission

Daheng Imaging is the first manufacturer Light186 has chosen to represent in the Americas. Why did we choose them?

Our mission at Light186 is to bring you the highest quality photonics products at the lowest possible prices. Daheng Imaging fits that description perfectly.

Dedication to machine vision

They have been in business for over 30 years and are one of China’s largest industrial camera manufacturers. Daheng has over 700 employees, including over 200 on their R&D team. In addition, they are also a member of the European Machine Vision Association.

Feature equivalency with savings

Daheng Imaging creates cameras with you in mind. They focus on the features that you really need and not the ones you don’t. This simplicity reduces points of failure and allows cheaper production costs. The savings are passed on to you.

3 Year Warranty

Compare their cameras with well-known brands like Basler, Hikrobot, Allied Vision, IDS, and Teledyne FLIR. You’ll see feature equivalency with what matters. This includes using the same image sensors from Sony, Teledyne, and Gpixel.

Also, they offer an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

The bottom line is that you can get the features you want for 10% to 50% less than other brands.

Broad product portfolio

Daheng Imaging doesn’t only offer cameras. They have also curated many of the accessories you need to complete your system. This includes C-Mount lenses, cables, USB 3.0 and GigE adapter cards, and tripod mounting plates. All of these items are approved by Daheng for use with their cameras.

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