Let there be light!

Machine Vision Coaxial Light

Let there be light!

Introducing a new line of machine vision lights

To complement our cameras and lenses, we’ve added a new line of LED machine vision lights. We offer 24 kinds of lights and over 600 variations of them, including:Machine Vision Ring Light

We’ve also added 5 kinds of digital and analog controllers.

Custom lights

About 50% of customers need customized lights to meet their requirements. If our in-store products do not meet your needs, we can customize lights in these ways and provide you a quote:

  • Diffuser
  • Dimensions
  • Emitting angles
  • Light color (including IR)
  • Cable lengths
  • Connectors
  • Mounting
  • Power

Best prices in the Americas

Compared to major machine vision lights brands like CCS, you’ll find that our prices are 30 to 70% lower. Yet, we carry the same 2-year warranty.

Unlike others, we offer transparent pricing and 24/7 online purchasing. We can also beat your existing quotes. Try us.

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