About Us

The Light186 Story

Light186’s story starts about 10 years ago when a US-Chinese friendship began. Working together around cameras, lighting, and other photonics products, we developed a solid and trusted working relationship. Now this relationship has transformed into Light186, a partnership to bring the finest photonics products in the world to the Americas. Our customers get global reach with local support.

Our Name

The name Light186 has two parts. “Light” reflects the photonics products we represent. “186” reflects the speed of light (186,000 miles/second). Sometimes it feels like the world of photonics moves that fast.

Our Mission

We strive to offer our customers the lowest possible prices for high-quality photonics products sourced from global manufacturers.

Our Vision

To be a leading photonics reseller in the Americas.


Free Shipping

Free standard shipping on orders over $200


10% to 50% Less

Our feature-equivalent cameras are cheaper than those from Basler, Hikrobot, Allied Vision, IDS, FLIR, and others.

3-Year Warranty

Our cameras are backed by an industry-leading manufacturer warranty